original title: No Way Back
rating: 5.10(1 530)
The U.S.
action, Thriller, drama, crime
Director: Frank A. Kappe”"o. cast: Russell Crowe, Helen Slater, Etsusi Toekava, Michael Lerner, Kyusaku Shimada, …
running time: , 91 min.
release date: 1995


An FBI agent and head of the clan Yakuza – two people, standing on different sides of the law, but United by one aim – to get rid of the enemy, is equally dangerous for each of them. Yesterday’s opponents, they become allies and no one had the strength to resist them, the Police and the Criminal…

Review: Rating positive reviews: 75% (2) fofan76 – 02.11.2010 Strangely. It is strange that this film we almost did not know.
Well brewed and played not bad. I would refer it to the category of Comedy militants. Something in the spirit of ‘Lethal weapon’, where there is a place ekshenu, Comedy and drama… read all the ‘Butterfingers – 24.09.2008 Mejdu.treh lights. Hollywood dawn crow – movie 1995. Courageous, brave FBI agent Zak Grant (Russell Crowe), failed assigned to him operation, and having lost one of his agents, should as a matter of urgency to fix the error and find out the reason of such a turn of events. Fate brings him to one of the members of the Yakuza, which has already hunts head of the local of the American mafia. Zak is between two fires, in small… read more\’
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